This work is about creating a dialogue. Its purpose is to create thought within oneself about the meanings and origins of the Universe and what You, feel are its true origins. Everyone has a belief about how the galaxies formed, whether you realize it or not. These beliefs are based on your education, your religious affiliations, how you were brought up, and where you live. If you were born in Thailand, you probably were raised in Buddhism, which does not believe in gods. There are over 4000 religions worldwide and 20-30,000 denominations in Christianity (depending on how a denomination is counted) Who is right? Any of them? Or none of them? Over the last 500 years, Science and Technology has grown leaps and bounds compared to the time before it. The Hubble telescope launched in 1990 and has been instrumental in discovering the origins of the Universe. The part of the portrait detailing the Big Bang and time since is just a glimpse into all the wonders that Hubble has shown us. I have represented the timeframe of the Big Bang with things Scientists have shown leads to the Big Bang. The first colorful oval after the big bang inflation cone is The Cosmic Microwave Background or CMB This is the earliest thing that can be seen, which is about 300,000 years after the Big Bang. How do these things compare with what the Bible tells us? I think Hubble wins on this one. I will post my info sheets which explain parts of the work in more detail. Thanks, DL

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